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     When you work with us y ou will see 40 years of experience as a baby clothing manufacturer.
We manufacture baby clothing for children for 0-12 years old.You will get the best quality and low prices because we are one of the leading baby clothes manufacturer in Turkey.We always use high quality row materials like % 100 cotton frabrics, and there is no harmful sabstance in our products. All our products quality fits the europian standarts.
    Every step is controlled in production.We have got own modelists and stylists. All models are created by IEC bebe designers.
We export our products to Germany, France, Greece, Czheck Repuplic, Slovakia, Hangary, Bulgaria, Romania, Kosava, Bosna-Hersegovina, Poland, Arabic countries, Egypt, Tunisia, Algeria, Libya, Morocco, Syria, Iraq, Iran, Israil, Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhistan, Armenia, Azarbaijan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyztan, Tajikistan, Georgia, Turkmenistan, Letonya, Estonia, Latvia and many other countries.

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